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1962-63 Faculty Notes (Tidbits)

For the 1962-63 school year, Central began with a faculty of 66 plus Principal W. Hobart Millsaps and Assistant Principal W. Everett O'Neal. From the previous year Central had lost two English teachers - -Ms. Edmund Hooser and Jo Ann French -- to retirement, and five others -- Sarah Louise Hunter, William White, Andrew Ensminger, Cynthia Lawless, and Helen Fleischel -- had left or taken a leave of absence. Eight new faculty had come on board as of Sept 1, 1962:

At mid-term, we added two more teachers - Wilma Bond, 8th grade History and Tony Matusek Jr., 9/10 grades Science and Math.

The three most tenured faculty in 1963 were department heads J J Fletcher (Manual Arts), Janie Shropshire (Home Economics), and English teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson, who were starting years 42, 41, and 40 at Central, respectively. At least 13 others had logged 30 years or more at Central. We had a veteran faculty, to say the least. Seventeen ( one-fourth of the faculty) were Central graduates, with History teacher Virginia Skates ('19) having the most service at 36 years. Former Central graduates (year graduated) on Central's faculty in 1962-3 were:

Biographies of many of these dedicated instructors will be added in the following pages, as we assemble from our history archives and public records. Earlier faculty biographies may be found at Chattanooga Central History.com

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