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Dear World

Dear World:

Here they come — the class of 1993. Some are coming to you, World, just full of anger and hostility. Keep them from harm.

Some are coming to you lacking some skills they need because they were mistrustful of us. Give them a second chance.

Some are coming to you vowing never to set foot in a classroom again. Soften their resolve when they find "on the job training" not to be what they thought it would be because they have no discipline and poor study habits. Teach them patience with themselves.

Some come to you, World, thinking that their good looks or position or money will get them whatever they want. Send someone to be there for them when physical beauty fades and fortunes dwindle away.

Some will come to you, World, feeling like losers. They have always been at the wrong place at the wrong time. They have never felt success. Make them winners, World. Lift them above the mud and the mire of mediocrity to the mountain of achievement.

Some come to your ready to become the next professionals. They are ready to be our lawyers and teachers and doctors. Give them good mentors and strong perseverance.

Some come to you ready to lead the rest of us with their smiles, brilliance, and charm. Give them integrity, honesty, and open doors.

So I send you all of my beautiful young friends. They come from this save haven, this cocoon to you waiting arms. Open your arms to them in love; do not shut them out. Be kind to them and treat them well. Remind them often that friends are friends forever, and that a lifetime's not too long to live as friends.

God Bless You, My Friends

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