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After we arrived at Central, some of us as early as fall, 1957, we observed, prior to our graduation, the departure of several teachers who had left their mark under the Rotunda. These included:

And two very special teachers, who were the only two to serve under all four Old Central principals:

Mrs Shelton
Ms Schwartz

Annie May Crutchfield

Sleepless Eye

Annie May Crutchfield was born April 19, 1890 to Dr. Campbell and Mary Ellington Crutchfield in Watertown, TN, the eldest of three daughters. She attended Dixon Academy in Shelbyville, TN, received an AB from Peabody College in 1908, and by 1911 an MA from Columbia. Her father passed away in 1906, and her mother shortly thereafter moved to Chattanooga where Annie May's three uncles were living, making Chattanooga a natural place to begin her teaching career.

After teaching at Ridgedale School (at age 18) for the 1908-09 school year, Annie was summoned to Central as an English teacher in the fall of 1909, beginning an unparalleled 51-year career under the Rotunda. On December 23, 1912 Annie married John A. Shelton, then principal of Avondale School (later at Hardy Jr. High from its beginning in 1926 until 1953). Their marriage lasted until John’s passing in March 1956.

Mrs. Shelton’s mother had lived with the Shelton’s at 416 Glenwood Drive, just a stone’s throw from Central, until her passing in December 1951. The Shelton’s were so close to the Central family, that the eight pallbearers at Mrs. Crutchfield’s funeral were all members of the 1951 football team. Annie May Shelton retired at the end of the 1959-60 school year and passed away on Sept 20, 1973 - one of only two teachers to serve under all four principals at Old Central. Her name adorned the National Honor Society Chapter at Old Central as it still does today at the new school. Several college scholarships are still offered in her name by local and state educational associations. She and John left no direct descendants and are buried in Forest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga.

Lillie Schwartz

1913 Central

Lillie Schwartz was born in Chattanooga Dec 24, 1889 to German Immigrants Henry and Jennie Poss Schwartz. The youngest of six children, Lillie graduated from City High in 1905 and received a BA from Ohio Wesleyan in 1909. Schwartz taught Latin and German at E. C. Glass High School, Lynchburg, VA for two years, before moving to Central at the beginning of the 1911-12 school year. She taught, at various times, German, French, English, and Latin at Central over a long, but intermittent, period that spanned 49 years, retiring at the end of the 1959-60 school year.

 Ms Schwartz was notorious for missing the faculty photo shoots, and her photo is absent in many Champions. The Chattanooga City Directories list Ms. Schwartz as a teacher at Central for 1911-17 and 1926-59, although the 1961 Champion credits her with 43 years, while her Chattanooga Times obituary says 41. Her leaving Central as the US declared war on Germany and not returning for nearly a decade was probably not coincidental. Ms. Schwartz  never married, passing away in Chattanooga on Nov 10, 1963, and survived by three sisters and two brothers. She was buried in the Schwartz family plot at Mizpah Cemetery, Chattanooga.

Joe Ann Ore

1930 Champion

Joe Ann Ore was born in New Market, Jefferson County, TN Dec 1, 1892 to livestock dealer John C. and Nancy (Nannie) J. Elmore Ore. Ms. Ore was the middle child with older sister Pearl and younger brother Raymond. The Ore family moved to Birmingham, Alabama around 1893 and Nannie passed away in July, 1897. At that point Joe and her sister returned to Tennessee and lived with their maternal grandparents in New Market, while their father and brother remained in Birmingham.

By 1920 Joe was a student at Carson-Newman, graduating with a BS in science around 1922. Her first teaching assignment was at Blair Jr. High in Norfolk, VA in fall of 1922, followed by teaching assignments in North Carolina until 1929. In fall 1929 Ms. Ore began a 29 year career teaching biology at Central, retiring in July 1958 and citing the failing health of her sister, Pearl.

Ms. Ore moved to Miami, FL, residing with her sister until her passing, then moved back to Chattanooga until her own death in October of 1972. Joe Ore was buried in Lakewood Memory Gardens, East, and had no immediate survivors.

Archie Boone Robertson

1942 Champion

Archie Boone Robertson was born March 22, 1889 in Booneville, Moore County, TN to carpenter Lodrick James and Alice Alferetta Parks Robertson. Boone was the fourth of 10 children and attended Franklin County schools. HIs teaching career began 1914 in Huntland TN, where he married Edna E. Banks June 14, 1915. Daughter Joberta was born August 29, 1916 and son, Rob Roy, Jan 28, 1922. In 1919 Robertson became principal of Huntland High School before becoming principal of Maryville (TN) High School 1924-5, then moving to Viola TN, as principal of Viola High School 1925-1927. Robertson then accepted the job of Associate Headmaster of the Stuyvesant School in Warrenton, VA (1927-29), and from 1929-31 taught at the Lee School (college) in Black Mountain, NC. In 1931 the Robertsons moved to Montview Drive in Brainerd where A. B. was principal of Kings Point School until 1932. From 1932-4 Robertson attended UC, attaining a BA in education and moving to North Seminole Drive. He then taught math at Chattanooga Vocational School 1934-6 and at City High 1936-40.

Returning to management, Robertson served as the Third District School principal 1940-41. Robertson's final act came as he moved to Central High fall of 1941. A. B. Robertson then logged 17 years teaching mathematics, including a short period as department head, retiring in 1958. He and his wife remained at their Seminole Drive residence during retirement, with A. B. passing away on Jan 7, 1975 at age 85. He was survived by his wife and two children.

Willie Bernyce Smedley

1921 Champion

Willie Bernyce Smedley was born to collection agent William Charles and Mary Susan Ragon Smedley in East Chattanooga October 21, 1902. Bernyce entered Central in 1917 from East Chattanooga School, graduating in 1921. Bernyce received a BA in music and arts from Carson-Newman in 1925.

On August 18, 1926 she married bank teller George Mercer Clementson (Central 1915). In the late 20s, Bernyce Clementson had number of vocations, including a stint with the Navy in Washington DC and as a dietician with the University of Maine.

By 1930 Mrs. Clementson had returned to Chattanooga and joined the faculty of Tyner that fall. In 1934 she began a 24 year term with Central's Home Economics Department, leaving in 1958 to start up the Home Economics Department at East Ridge High School. During her years at Central Mrs. Clementson had served as an officer in the East Tennessee Educational Association and as president of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Home Economics Association, and was a pianist at the Highland Park Baptist Church.

After her retirement in 1970, the Clementsons moved to Rhea County. Mercer passed away in December, 1980, and Bernyce followed on May 14, 1991 at age 88. They are interred at Greenwood Cemetery.

Sallie May King

1915 Silhouette

Sallie May King was born Sep 27, 1893 in Elkton, Giles County, TN to farmer Joseph Harmon and Rosa Belle Gilbert King. Sallie May was the fourth of five children and was educated in private boarding schools, culminating in her graduation (A.B.) from Agnes Scott College in 1915. While teaching in Darien, Georgia, Ms. King earned an MA from Columbia and began a 31-year career at Central in the English Department in fall of 1928

Sally May King was the Champion editorial sponsor from 1928 until her retirement in 1959 and the Digest editorial sponsor from 1928 to 1955. Ms. King left Central to live with her widowed sister, Bessie King Anderson, in Ardmore Tenn. Ms. King passed away in Pulaski, TN on March 8, 1980 and was buried beside many of her family in Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski.

Edward E. Brown

1945 Champion

Edward W. Brown born March 5 , 1894 in Riceville. TN to farmer Joseph W. and Sarah Greenlee Brown. The sixth of eight children, Ed worked on the family farm and attended Tennessee Wesleyan until joining the Navy during WWI (1918-19); afterwards he attended Akron University before teaching in McMinn County for two years. Around 1924 Brown became principal of the East Brainerd School and took courses at UC leading to a BA in 1930, when he became superintendent of the school system in the Lisbon District (Chattanooga Valley) in Walker County GA.

Ed also became an insurance agent for Massachusetts Mutual in 1931, living in Chattanooga Valley. After getting Chattanooga Valley High School accredited, as its first Principal, Brown left teaching and started his own agency, Ed Brown Insurance, in the early 40s. Brown, who later, in a 1955 Digest interview, stated that he was an insurance agent who taught math as a hobby, joined Central in fall 1943 at age 49, teaching until 1959. After retiring from teaching, Brown joined R.E. Hill Insurance Co. Ed Brown passed away Nov 19, 1974 and is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery. He never married and was survived by two sisters and a brother.

Donald Claude Moore

1953 Moccasin

Donald Claude Moore was born on the Fort Benning, GA reservation August 13, 1931 to Warrant Officer Claude I. Moore and Almeda G. Moore. The younger of two siblings, Donald lived near military posts until his father retired from the Army in December 1945. After Moore completed junior high school in Madison, GA May 1946, his parents moved to Red Bank, and Moore enrolled in Central fall of 1946 as a sophomore. After graduating in 1949, Moore enrolled in UC and received a BS in Science in 1953. He then became 2LT Donald Moore, serving in Korea as part of his college ROTC commitment, and left the service in 1955 as a First Lieutenant. Moore began teaching general science at Central in fall 1956, leaving after the 1959-60 school year to teach at Red Bank Jr. High. His total service teaching reached 39 years as he retired from Red Bank at the end of the 1995 school term.

He passed away April 7, 2001 at his Red Bank home, survived by one niece. Donald C. Moore was buried next to his parents in Hamilton Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Earl Robertson Jones

1930 Champion

Earl Robertson Jones was born April 27, 1902 in Sequatchie County, TN to farmer Earl Robertson Jones and Emily Catherine Tipton Jones. The youngest of three sisters, Earl Jones was educated in the Sequatchie County Schools, graduating from high school in Dunlap in 1920.

She entered Carson-Newman in 1924, receiving a BA in 1928, and taught in Trion, GA, before coming to Central in 1929. Ms. Jones taught English and history until the 1959-60 school year, when her health declined. Ms. Jones had earned an MA from UT during the 1930s.

She passed away on April 16, 1960, ending her career of 30 years at Central. Ms. Jones never married and was survived by her two sisters, including fellow faculty member, Augusta Peoples, and was buried in the Chapel Hill cemetery, Dunlap. TN.

Mary Estelyn Robinson


Mary Estelyn Robinson was born January 18, 1909 in Harriman, TN to educator William Theodore and Julia Gray Hamlin Robinson. The middle of three children, Mary and her family moved to Chattanooga in 1917 when her father became Principal of City High School. Mary entered City from the Third District School in 1922, graduating in 1926. Mary spent one year at Maryville College, then split time taking classes at both UC and UT, before marrying John P. Sanders January 19, 1936 and moving to Knoxville. In Knoxville the Sanders operated a bicycle shop and a bookstore, and Mary became a licensed pilot. On April 14, 1937 daughter Barbara was born, followed by son William's birth in 1942. After earning an LLB at Peabody during the summers, Mary Sanders moved back to Chattanooga in 1943, living with her parents at 317 Crestway in Brainerd, and became an assistant librarian at Central High that fall, replacing Mrs. Clarence Kolyck. Mrs. Sanders became the head librarian in fall 1944 upon the resignation of Elizabeth Beamguard.

After her father's passing in 1957 and her mother's moving to a health care facility, Mrs. Sanders moved to 825 Belvoir Terrace in 1961 and became the librarian at East Ridge Jr. High that fall. She retired in 1964 and passed away June 13, 1986, survived by her children.

Margaret Sue Taylor

1925 Volunteer

Margaret Sue Taylor was born in Cleveland, TN on December 20, 1892 to merchant James Newton Taylor and Margaret Elizabeth Fetzer Taylor. Margaret was the fourth of five siblings. Her father passed away during her senior year in high school, and Margaret delayed college to care for her mother and help her older brother Ernest with the family business. After her mother's passing in 1920, Margaret entered the University of Tennessee, graduating with a BS in Home Economics in 1925.

After two years teaching at Bradley Central, Ms. Taylor replaced Mary Chenault of Central's Home Economics Dept. in fall 1927 and remained for 34 years, retiring in 1961. Ms. Taylor moved to Fort Myers, FL, living with a niece, and passed away there February 21, 1977. She was buried in the Taylor family plot, Fort Hill Cemetery, Cleveland, TN, and survived by three nieces and three nephews.

Anne Frances Tiernan

1946 Champion

Anne Frances Tiernan was born in Chattanooga on June 24, 1904 to Irish immigrant Hugh and Mary Rielley Tiernan. Frances was the youngest of nine, and her father died while she was in infancy. She entered Notre Dame School in 1911 and graduated in 1923. Her college experience is still being researched (perhaps Nazareth College, Louisville) but her first recorded teaching job was at the Shepherd School, Toledo, OH from 1928-31. Ms. Tiernan is listed as living in Chattanooga 1931-7, but was apparently still teaching out of state.

In 1937 she began teaching at Chattanooga Vocational School (later Kirkman Tech) and remained there until securing a job at Central teaching Economics and Social Science in 1944. Mrs. Tiernan left in 1961, having won Freedoms Foundations Awards for her work in the social sciences, and became an Assistant Professor of English at Dayton University. Mrs. Tiernan retired from teaching in 1969 and passed away in Dayton August 20, 1981, survived by one nephew and one grand-niece, and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chattanooga.

Anne Eunice Moffitt


Anne Eunice Moffitt was born August 31, 1903 in Lancaster, Texas to Baptist Minister William Alfred and Mannie Price Moffitt, the fourth of five children. Anne attended high schools in Fayetteville, AR before the family moved to Chattanooga in 1921. She and younger brother Walter both graduated from Central in 1922. Ms. Moffitt attended the University of Chattanooga one year, then entered Carson-Newman College in 1923, receiving her AB in 1927. After graduation, Moffitt taught at Soddy Elementary and Rhea County High School. In 1930 she boarded with Hobart Millsaps' family in Daisy as she began a 7-year teaching stint at Daisy High School. When Soddy and Daisy High merged in 1937, Moffitt moved back with her widowed mother on Douglas Street and began teaching English at Central. During the 40s Moffitt spent summers at Columbia and earned an MA in English. After her mother passed away in 1953, Moffitt boarded with fellow teacher Ellen Mullennix on Barton Street in North Chattanooga until retirement.

Ms. Moffitt took a leave of absence for the 1960-61 school year, and she was temporarily replaced by Genevra Brown; she returned for the start of the 1961-2 school year, but retired after 23 1/2 years at Central in January, 1962. Jo Ann French competed the school term in Moffitt's place. After retirement Ms. Moffitt served as librarian for the First Baptist Church. While visiting her widowed sister-in-law (Mrs. James Moffitt) in Winston-Salem, NC, Moffitt suffered a fatal heart attack on November 12, 1969. She was survived by her sister-in-law, several nieces and nephews, and buried in Forest Hills Cemetery with her parents.

Mary Edmund Hooser

1926 Champion

Mary Edmund Hooser was born on January 28, 1900 in Haley (Bedford County), TN to mail carrier and farmer George Marion Hooser Jr. and Hattie Cordelia Hickerson Hooser. Mary was the oldest of five, all of whom would become college graduates and teachers. Ms. Hooser received her BS from Peabody Teachers College in 1923, and after teaching for two years in Bedford County, came to Central fall 1925 as an English teacher. By attending Columbia University in the summers, she received an MA in 1930. Edmund Hooser spent the remainder of her 37 year career at Central teaching while living in downtown Chattanooga apartments and spending the summers at her parents' farm in Bedford County, except for one overseas trip to Europe in summer 1932. A private person, Ms. Hooser retired in 1962 and returned to Bedford County, where she passed away in Wartrace April 5, 1986. She was survived by one brother and one sister.

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